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Yamaha MT10 Blip Box - AutoBlipper

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Ever wanted completely clutchless down shifts on your bike just like GP bikes? Now you can get this simple add on that gives you complete clutch free shifting. This has several advantages like much faster corner entry and reduced arm pump. This box uses the CAN interface on your bike to rev match all downshifts stopping your rear wheel from locking up and letting you downshift late into corner entries


  • This miniature module provides a fully programmable throttle 'auto blip' when ever a down-shift signal is requested by the rider.
  • There is no re-programming of the ECU and all existing sensors remain in place.
  • Data from the throttle grip and the on-board CAN bus are used to determine the optimum shifting parameters
  • Just plug it in using the fully pre-wired adapter loom and ride
  • The professional version 'Blip-Box-pro' still comes fully pre-programmed with a 'blip map' for your bike model but with shift activation from a load cell designed to fit directly to the existing gear change linkages, no new parts or fabrication are needed by the customer.