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We source the best potentiometers with the highest quality and value for money.
Working with top teams around the world gives us the opportunity to work with lots of brands and judge the quality of each.
Here we have a great potentiometer that's built in the UK and we use with all our BSB bikes.

It comes in a range of sizes and with different connectors on it to suit your loggers needs.
If you don't have the size you require listed just send us a message and we'll more than likely be able to get it for you.

Maximum Supply Voltage 40 VDC
Resolution Essentially Infinite
Repeatability <=0.01mm
Operational Speed 10 M/s max
Mechanical Life > 25 Million Cycles
Temperature Range -30 to +150 Degrees C
Environment Sealing IP67
Linearity Error Less than 0.5% (Typical 0.25%)
Cable Length 350mm
Track Technology Conductive Plastic
Housing Material Aluminium