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Kawasaki ZX10-2016 , 4 button right side switch – Run/Stop Starter , Lap-Start, Rain switch

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This assembly is a direct replacement for the standard switch set found on the Kawasaki ZX10 - 2016 onward, providing all of the standard functions as well as a pre-wired latching switch for the rain light wired into the brake light circuit to turn off/on the stop light as required by track conditions.
Direct 'plug n play' wiring connection. Compatible with 'kit' looms and 'stock' bike looms.
Rugged machined aluminium construction with fully waterproof switches provide greater crash protection as well as electrical integrity.
  • Width - 20.5mm
  • Width at centre - 13.5mm
  • Coating - Black anodise
  • Made in the UK
Kit comprises:
  • Waterproof switches
  • Pre-wired connector to suit the standard bike / kit wiring
  • retaining screws